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Virus Removal

Virus Removal


Advanced Virus Removal


- Kaspersky
- Bitdefender
- Avast
- Norton
- Spyware
- Rogue
- Rootkits
- exploit
- Family Safety
Your hard drive will be scanned for viruses/Spyware, and infections will be removed. Your hard drive will be removed from your computer and then scanned for viruses. If the computer is still not clear of all viruses, you may need an advanced virus cleanup.
For computers with more complex viruses, we will have to use specialize procedure which will require more materials. If the standard virus removal does not succeed in removing all of the viruses, we will implement the advanced option. You will be notified and have to accept charges before work will proceed.
For information on Malware, check on the links below .
Anti-virus recommended are: 
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