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Jayee Slobert

Comment: " Lymas Computer Services is a company that provides quality services at reasonable prices. When I was referred to this company, I preceeded to call Mr. Lymas. Though it was after hours, he attended to my needs. Beinig that I had an assignment due in two hours, I was quite frustrated. Mr. Lymas left his WARM bed to fix my laptop. This is an effort  that no other company would have done. I would like to commend Lymas Computer Services for having exceptional customer service! And to top if off, my assignment was submitted on time! Thanks so much for giving prompt service, and not breaking my bank!"

Chris Moore

Comment: " Lymas computer Services, best company in the world. Service is fast and efficient and is very affordable. Thanks Lymas Computer Services, You guys are a life saver!"

Comment: As a student of Lymas Computer Services, I will say it has been a great experience for me. I had no clue about the functionalities of a computer until I enrolled at LCS. Currently, I can proudly say that I am A+ certified, done with my Network+ studies and waiting to take my exam next month. LCS provides quality education and services to its clients. You will have a blast when you enroll at LCS"

Nehemiah Suah